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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Chukyo Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “We”) has established the following privacy policy and created a system to protect personal information. We shall ensure that all personal information is protected and secure by making all employees aware of how important it is to protect personal information and making sure all policy measures are implemented.

Management of Personal Information

We shall ensure that all personal information for the customer is accurate and up-to-date. We shall implement strict management for all personal information, by carrying out security measures and by taking the necessary steps, such as maintaining a security system, developing a management system and carrying out employee training, in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration and/or the leaking of personal information.

Purpose of Personal Information

We shall use personal information, provided to us by the customer, in emails and for sending documents when contacting the customer and as a response to questions or other information concerning procedures.

Refusal to Disclose / Provide Personal Information to a 3rd Party

We shall appropriately manage all personal information provided to us by the customer, and we shall not disclose personal information to a 3rd party, except when one of the following situations applies.
・When customer consent is provided
・When disclosing personal information to a contractor that we commission in order to perform services requested by the customer
・When disclosure is required by law

Security Measures Concerning Personal Information

We shall implement thorough measures to ensure the security and accuracy of all personal information.

Personal Information Inquiries

If the customer wishes to reference, edit or delete any personal information, we shall confirm the identity of the customer before supporting his/her request.

Compliance with Laws and Norms&Updating Policy

We shall comply with Japanese law and other norms concerning the handling of personal information. We shall update our policy and shall strive to ensure the necessary revisions are made.

Contact Us

Use the information below to contact us regarding inquiries about our privacy policy.

Chukyo Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd.
10-1 Nishifukido, Imaoka-cho, Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Telephone: +81-566-36-3690
Fax: +81-566-36-6156

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