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Indus Lube SeriesIndutrial Lubricant


Indus lube 1000 series: This lubricant is used for sliding surfaces on machine tools. This oil is effective in preventing stick-slip, and in terms of its oil film strength, it offers excellent antioxidation and rust-proofing  performance.

Indus lube 2000 series: This is referred to as a general-purpose lubricant. The oil has various applications, including oil pressure, bearing lubrication, light load gears, etc. It offers oxidation stability, rust-proofing performance and even mild high-pressure properties.

Indus lube 3000 series: This lubricant is called a high speed spindle oil. It has a light color, low viscosity and is used on high speed-small load lubrication points. This oil offers oxidation stability and rust-proofing properties that are used for oil pressure and areas where dirtiness and contamination are not wanted.

Indus lube 4000 series: This industrial gear oil offers excellent oxidation stability, high-pressure properties and rust-proofing properties.


Indus lube 1000 series: Lubricant for sliding surfaces on machine tools, etc.

Indus lube 2000 series: General-purpose lubricant for oil pressure, bearing lubrication and light load gears, etc.

Indus lube 3000 series: Used as a high speed bearing oil and for high speed-small load lubrication points, areas where contamination and dirtiness are not wanted and for oil pressure, etc.

Indus lube 4000 series: Industrial gear oil


Indus lube 1000 series, indus lube 2000 series, indus lube 3000 series and indus lube 4000 series

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