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High Temperature GreaseGrease


This grease for lubricating high temperature areas. It contains a heat resistant thickening agent, giving it excellent heat resistance. A highly concentrated molybdenum disulfide type is also available.


CK urea and CK urea HT: Lubrication points that require adhesive properties and a long life, and for bearings and sliding parts where the temperature is particularly high, such as industrial machinery like autoclaves and drying furnaces

Bear-lex super G-2: Lubrication points for automobiles, construction machinery and industrial machinery that require support for a wide temperature range, heavy loads, water resistant and corrosion resistant properties

Super Lex: Bearings and sliding parts where the temperature is particularly high on industrial machinery like drying furnaces. However, caution is required because combustion residue may be present.

Super Lex SM5: Lubrication points on a jackhammer or rock drill bits and with high temperature and impact load

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