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EffluxAerosol Type


After forming a solid and seamless film on the target object, this product also creates a layer of vapors around the film to protect the die and mold even more. Since it is not oil-based, it helps the molded product from getting dirty or contaminated and it can be removed by throwing it out after a few shots.


Die and mold rust prevention when oil is not wanted and removing grease is a hassle, this product acts an substitute for oil based rust prevention.


When the die and mold is closed and it is packed tightly with a plastic bag for storing, it encases the target object securely without letting the antirust gases from dispersing, making it more effective.

Efflux F…Vapor / Standard type (Undiluted solution type is also available)

Efflux with color……Vapor / Coloring type (Application can be confirmed because the sprayed area is colored)

Efflux C-Y…Vapor / Chemical attack type (Uses a diluted solvent to minimize the impact on the molded products)

Efflux C-Y with color…Vapor / Chemical attack coloring type (Uses a diluted solvent to minimize the impact on the molded products)

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