Lubricant&Release Agent Manufacturer That Combines Lubrication and Release TechnologyChukyo Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd.

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Corporate Summary

Corporate Summary

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Corporate Summary

Message from the President

For more than 60 years since our founding, we used the principles behind lubrication to combine lubrication technology with release agent technology in order to create different types of lubricants and release agents. We embraced this business model to create our motto: “Our products shall always strive for excellence. We shall compete using product quality.” As a result, we have committed ourselves to develop, manufacture and distribute products based on this motto.
Going forward, there is a trend that focuses more and more on the environment and safety as well as the pursuit to support globalization. In addition, various industries are requiring more complexity, higher performance and smaller quantities with more variety. To meet all of these demands, we are refining our technology in order to offer products that can sufficiently withstand the roughest conditions and stay committed to satisfying our customers.
We look to your continued loyalty, support and feedback in the future. Taku Hirono, President

Message from the President

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy Corporate Philosophy Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Summary

Chukyo Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Akira Hirono
Taku Hirono
Head office
10-1 Nishifukido, Imaoka-cho, Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Established on
May 11, 1948
45 million yen
Branch offices
Tokyo, Osaka and Kyushu

Head office

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Tokyo Branch Office

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Osaka Branch Office

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Kyushu Branch Office

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May 1948
Company established on May 11. Launched operations as grease manufacturer at factory located at 1-38 Okute, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya under direction of Ministry of International Trade and Industry and its Nagoya office.
December 1951
Relocated factory and office to 2-12-7 Fukue, Showa-ku, Nagoya in order to improve the equipment and the production capability.
November 1963
Factory certified by Japan Industrial Standards for grease manufacturing.
April 1965
Established Tokyo sales office at 4-10-1 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (branch office from January 1990).
June 1966
Launched nationalization of plastic release agents and achieved success with product “Pelicoat.”
May 1967
Completed Kariya factory at 10-1 Nishifukido, Imaoka-cho, Kariya.
Established Shizuoka sales office at 4-20-12 Mariko, Shizuoka.
May 1970
Kariya factory certified by Japan Industrial Standards.
June 1971
Established Osaka sales office at 1-15-26 Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka (branch office from 1996).
November 1972
Successfully developed automatic atomizer “Autoben” for Pelicoat.
April 1973
Factory products certified by Ministry of Defense.
May 1974
Joined Japan Luboil Refiners Association and became a member.
March 1985
Former president Taizo Kimura passes and Akira Hirono is appointed his successor as president.
December 1985
Expanded automatic oil filling line at Kariya factory.
November 1988
Built new grease production factory on Kariya factory premises.
September 1990
Built factory for producing undiluted solution for plastic release agent on Kariya factory premises.
July 1992
Built a 3 story general office building on Kariya factory premises.
November 1992
Relocated Tokyo branch office to Yoshikawa, Saitama Prefecture.
December 1994
Relocated Nagoya factory to Kariya and integrated them.
December 1998
Set up online system throughout company.
January 1999
Built new company building for Tokyo branch office and relocated.
November 1999
Acquired ISO 9001 certification.
February 2001
Integrated Shizuoka sales office with part of sales section at head office.
September 2001
Completed new R&D building.
January 2002
Integrated head office and Kariya factory.
March 2004
Akira Hirono is appointed chairman and Masahiro Kimura is appointed president.
June 2004
Acquired ISO 14001 certification
February 2007
Recognized as an “Aichi Quality Company” (No.316) during FY2006 (renewed in February 2013).
February 2008
Established a local Kyushu office (branch office from February 2012).
November 2008
Completed new office building.
December 2013
Relocated Tokyo branch office.
March 2014
Taku Hirono appointed president.
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