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GreaseLithium Grease【Lithium Grease】
GreaseWheel Bearing Grease【Lithium grease】
GreaseCalcium Based Grease【Calcium Based Grease】
GreaseHigh Temperature Grease【Heat resistant grease】
GreaseSpecial Grease【Grease for a wide temperature range】
GreaseGrease with Special Containers【Grease with special containers】
GreaseNebula Grease【Grease with high added value】
Indutrial LubricantIndus Lube Series【General industrial lubricants】
Indutrial LubricantHydro Series【Hydraulic fluids】
Anti-FreezeCoolant NA【Coolant NA】
Metal Working FluidFZ-1000 Series【For forging bolts】
Metal Working FluidFZ-2000 Series【For forging nuts】
Metal Working FluidFZ-3000 Series【For forging large parts】
Metal Working FluidFZ-4000 Series【For forging medium size parts】
Metal Working FluidFZ-5000 Series【For forging small parts】
Metal Working FluidFZ-6000 Series / FZ-7000 Series【For special processing, special applications and other uses】
Metal Working FluidFZ-8000 Series【For pressing】
Aerosol TypeHi-Guard DK-5【Equipment rust prevention】
Aerosol TypePelicoat 12【Multi-purpose anti-rust lubricants】
Aerosol TypeLegato【Multi-purpose anti-rust lubricants】
Aerosol TypeEfflux【Die and mold antirust agent】
Aerosol TypeSabicro【Die and mold rust prevention】
Aerosol TypeRakutoreru【Die and mold rust prevention】
Aerosol TypeGP Cleaner【Die and mold cleaner】
Aerosol TypeAce Cleaner【Die and mold cleaner】
Aerosol TypeMold Cleaner【Die and mold cleaner】
Aerosol TypeDepo-Cleaner【Deposit cleaner】
Aerosol TypeB&P Cleaner【General cleaner】
Aerosol TypeParts Cleaner C7【General cleaner】
Aerosol TypeMetal Protection Dry【Pin lubricant for forming or shaping】
Aerosol TypeLubriflow【Pin lubricant for forming or shaping】
GreaseSuper Grease No.1【Sliding surface and bearing lubricant】
Aerosol TypeBN Spray【Special release agent】
GreaseGrease Keeper White【Pin lubricant for forming/molding machines】
GreaseBear-lex FX-C【Pin lubricant for forming/molding machines】
GreaseFood Master G Series【Grease for food service and processing equipment】
Aerosol TypeFood Master M Series【[Lubricant for food service and processing machinery and mold release oil for food products】
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